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The Technologies Boosting Online Commerce

A couple making online purchases using their laptop and credit card, utilizing the Shopify platform for DTC marketing.

Online commerce, or eCommerce, is one of the most exciting fields of business currently active, being one of the first testing grounds for new ideas and technologies of all kinds, some of which are latching on and some of which are not.

Here, we’re going to look at a few of the most prevalent trends, how they could drive engagement and sales, and how you could implement them in your online store.

Chatbot and virtual shopping assistants

You’ve likely seen them on a host of online businesses you’ve already visited: a chat widget opening in the corner of your screen, offering assistance in your shopping journey. Sometimes, these are populated by real people but, increasingly so, chatbots are the ones doing the talking, using rapidly developing AI to be able to quickly answer many of the most common queries of your shoppers to help them clear any barriers between them and sales, which can lead to more accessible conversions.

AI-driven listings

If yours is a business that sells across a wide range of different marketplaces, then being able to manage those marketplaces well for the maximum profit can be a complicated deed. Even the question of setting prices and marketing budgets for individual items can be tricky. Platforms like Foxtail AI are making things much easier for online businesses that work through reselling models. Automatically using data to generate and adjust listings on the fly, these AI platforms are helping to find the sweet spot between engagement and profit that many resellers spend their entire waking lives trying to find.

Rise of the Wallet

While the accessibility of payment in all forms has become increasingly important over the past few years, there is no denying that the eWallet, also known as the online wallet, has become an increasingly important part of the online shopping experience. Many customers believe in the security and convenience of the eWallet, which has caused it to double in spending to $6.6 trillion in only four years. Making your store accessible through more widely used and trusted payment platforms also conveys a sense of trust in your store, too.

Mobile, voice, and notifications

Mobile users are getting folded into the experience of shopping online in a much bigger way and represent perhaps the most significant market that is up for grabs that you might not have reached out to yet. It’s no longer just about making your site responsive to mobile devices. You also have to consider how they engage with stores. For instance, updating your SEO to ensure that your site responds well to voice search, using push notifications to reach better and remind mobile customers of your store, and even creating apps that provide wholly unique and distinct experiences of your brand can be crucial.

If you want to keep up in online commerce, keeping up with the technologies rolling out is vital. You don’t have to adopt all of them, but you need to be able to strike when you see an opportunity for natural growth.

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