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Top 15 Most Inspirational Mom Influencers of 2020

A bed with flowers featuring a mother and daughter, two out of Top 15 Most Inspirational Mom Influencers of 2020.

If you’re looking to grow your brand’s reach during the Mother’s Day season (or promote motherhood any time of the year), this list of top mom influencers in 2020 will help you direct your recruitment efforts.

What to Look for in Mom Influencers

Mom influencers possess enormous clout among key buying audiences, namely other moms and parents. As such, they are able to incorporate a number of different products into their content.

From a messaging perspective, a lot of mom influencers are down-to-earth, honest, and endearing. These strengths enhance their ability to produce authentic content on behalf of other brands.

Communities of moms and parents are often the most picky when it comes to products and services. When a mom influencer recommends a product, audience members are more inclined to buy.

Among the most popular industries where mom influencers shine are:

  • Children’s products (toys, food, books, snacks, clothes, etc.)
  • Fashion
  • Beauty products
  • Home improvement 
  • Crafts
  • Health and wellness
  • Social advocacy

Choose Your Influencers Carefully

Not every good influencer is an ideal fit for your brand. Look carefully for audience alignment, as well as the tone and style of an influencer’s posts.

Just because an influencer has a lot of followers doesn’t mean that they have an engagement audience. Investigate the quality of their posts and comments to ensure that they are not fake influencers.

After confirming that a particular mom influencer consistently generates authentic engagement, consider the attributes of their audience. Make sure that your products/services make sense for that influencer’s audience.

Collaborate with Mom Influencers

Instead of micromanaging your mom influencers, provide direction and suggestions, and then encourage their involvement during the planning phase. Think of your campaign as an opportunity to partner with a representative from one of the most prolific influencer categories.

As you work through the list of top mom influencers below, you will see just how creative and authentic they can be. Therefore, be upfront with your influencers about what you’d like to accomplish and collaborate with them to find the best campaign strategy.

To get the latest in influencer recruiting tactics, check out our “0 to 100 Getting Started With Influencer Marketing” webinar, Chapter Two: Identify Influencers.

Top 15 Mom Influencers of 2020

Influencer #1: @haueterfamily

mom influencers haueterfamily

Image via Instagram

While the Haueter Family social media accounts showcase antics from each member of the Haueter family, the real genius behind this influencer space is Mama Haueter. “Just a mom with four teenage boys,” Mama Haueter curates hilarious (and often endearing) content on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube

The Haueter Family partners with brands like FashionNova, Sapphire Hair Tools, and F’real Milkshakes.

Influencer #2: @glitter_and_bubbles

mom influencers glitter and bubbles

Image via Instagram

Angelica Calad is a lifestyle influencer and curator of Glitters and Bubbles. She created her influencer brand “to inspire non-traditional moms through fashion, easy Pinterest-worthy recipes, beauty and travel.”

Speaking of Pinterest, she’s one of the leading influencers on that channel with over 7 million monthly viewers. Angelica is also active on Instagram and maintains her “We All Have One” podcast.

Influencer #3: @bramty

mom influencers bramty

Image via Instagram

Fashion and beauty influencer Bramty Juliette is most proud of being a mom. About her kids, Bramty shared, “Life became beautiful once they entered.” In fact, she manages separate Instagram accounts for her twins, Balcom and Levy, and the entire BramFam.

You can also find Bramty on Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube.

Influencer #4: @ashghotcakess

mom influencer ashghotcakes

Image via Instagram

Ashley Quiroz is a “makeup mama” from Arizona, as well as a beauty and fashion influencer. 

On Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, Ashley demonstrates makeup artistry, shares hair care tips, and even dresses up in some of the latest warm-weather outfits. When she’s not showcasing her favorite brands, she and her daughters give each other playful makeovers.

Influencer #5: @kandeejohnson

mom influencers kandee johnson

Image via Instagram

It’s not apparent at first glance that Kandee Johnson is a doting mother, but the fact is that she is obsessed with her daughter Ellie. In many of her posts, you can tell that she cares deeply for her family and puts her influencer career second.

After a series of family hardships, Clinique paid for Kandee, her daughter, and her mom to take a trip to Spain. It’s clear from her posts from the trip that Kandee knows how to maintain deep ambassador relationships with brands.

Influencer #6: @christendominique

mom influencers christen dominique

Image via Instagram

Christen Dominique is a mommy, as well as a fashion and beauty influencer who launched her career over ten years ago on YouTube

As a makeup artist, Christen’s son Jayden is her official “makeup remover.” The post below is just one example of Christen Dominique’s ability to authentically promote brands and connect with mommy audiences.

Influencer #7: @studiodiy

mom influencers studiodiy

Image via Instagram

Mother’s Day campaigns wouldn’t be complete without craft and cooking influencer Kelly Mindell.

When she’s not crafting with her family, she’s creating fun projects for them. You can find her on Instagram or mommy blogging at StudioCity.com.

Influencer #8: @sugarandcloth

mom influencers sugarandcloth

Image via Instagram

Fellow DIY-er Ashley Rose is the mastermind behind Sugar and Cloth. She hails from Houston, Texas, and can create fun crafts just as well as she alters IKEA furniture.

When she’s not creating, Ashley is promoting reading materials for kids and speaking out against injustice across the globe.

Influencer #9: @bossmomnation

mom influencers bossmomnation

Image via Instagram

Boss Mom Nation partners social advocates Shahidah and Aliyah. Together, their goal is to uplift communities around the world by promoting sisterhood among hardworking moms.

Boss Mom Nation are the creators of Trill Motherhood, an apparel line with empowering messages for moms. Also, Shahidah and Aliyah are advocates for community initiatives and homeschooling. Fans can follow them on Instagram and Pinterest.

Influencer #10: @unitedstatesofmotherhood

mom influencers unitedstatesofmotherhood

Image via Instagram

Mom to two teenagers, one adult, and a dog, Heather Murphy is one Instagram’s most popular lifestyle micro influencers. She loves to cook, decorate, and commentate on current events.

Heather is a lead blogger for CafeMom, a website dedicated to meeting “the emotional and practical needs of every mom” with informative and uplifting content.

Influencer #11: @glowmaven

mom influencers glowmaven

Image via Instagram

Latham Thomas is a health and wellness influencer and professional doula. She is also the founder of Mama Glow, an online journal that helps career moms and families cope with daily stressors.

One of the few influencers specialized in birth and pregnancy, Latham is an impressive Mother’s Day influencer that you should think seriously about having on your team.

Influencer #12: @jillsmokler

mom influencers jill smokler

Image via Instagram

Forbes named Jill Smokler one of the top parenting influencers in the world. Considering her success as a bestselling author (her Scary Mommy series), it comes at no surprise. She is one of the few influencers outspoken about the challenges of mothering in the wake of divorce.

You can find Jill on Instagram, but she is most popular with audiences on Facebook and her blog.

Influencer #13: @mommyshorts

mom influencers mommyshorts

Image via Instagram

Ilana Wiles is also an author (Remarkably Average Parenting). But instead of being a bestselling author, she is one of the most popular mommy bloggers in North America after leaving an ad agency job in the corporate world.

Active on Instagram and Twitter, Ilana promotes happy parenting. She also promotes staple brands, such as household items and kids’ snacks.

Influencer #14: @mommasgonecity

mom influencers mommasgonecity

Image via Instagram

Momma’s Gone City’s Jessica Shyba is a mother to not two, not four, but five children (with another one on the way!). She began journaling about motherhood from New York City in 2009. Today, her blog is a mommy favorite.

In addition to her full-time job as a mom, Jessica is a published author, as well as a lifestyle and travel influencer.

Influencer #15: @taza

mom influencers taza

Image via Instagram

The Big Apple offers another entry into our top mom influencer list for 2020. Naomi Davis is a prolific blogger with an eye for style. 

She is passionate about promoting products that enhance her life and the lives of her kids. Among her favorite engagement tactics are contests and product giveaways. Look for Naomi on Instagram and Twitter.

In Conclusion

And there you have it! We hope that you found this allstar list of mom influencers to be a valuable resource to your influencer program.

As you recruit moms for your influencer campaigns, remember to focus on your marketing objectives and approach influencers that share your values. You will achieve the best ROI when your influencers are able to promote your brand authentically to their audience.

This article originally appeared in the Grin.co blog and has been published here with permission.

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