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Valentine’s Day Content Ideas For Influencers

Valentine’s Day Content Ideas For Influencers
Valentine's day sketch greeting | Content ideas for influencers

While you are posting your story, why not use this as an opportunity to encourage your followers to share theirs? People want to get heard so some content ideas can include encouraging them to comment under your post and share what they think about Valentine’s Day or love.

You can make it more exciting by sharing the best comments on your story. It will not only help you get more engagement but also encourage people to come up with creative and entertaining replies. Furthermore, this approach can help build a community and allow you to form a stronger bond with your followers.

Here are some ideas:

  • Launch a hashtag challenge where followers can share their love stories in the form of photos, videos, or written captions. Encourage them to use a specific hashtag, such as #MyLoveStory, and promise to feature some of the most heartwarming or creative stories on your account.
  • Use Instagram or other social media platforms to create interactive polls or quizzes related to love and relationships. Ask questions like “How did you meet your partner?” or “What’s your favorite date night activity?” This not only engages followers but also provides insights into the diverse stories within your community.
  • Host a live Q&A session where followers can submit questions about relationships, dating advice, or even share snippets of their own love stories. Respond to their queries in real time and encourage a lively discussion among your followers.
  • Invite followers to DM you with their love stories, and select a few to feature on your Stories or feed. Share a brief overview of their story, expressing the uniqueness and beauty of each relationship. This not only highlights your followers but also strengthens the sense of community within your audience.
  • Position yourself as an “advice guru” for Valentine’s Day. Ask your followers to submit relationship questions or seek advice on romantic matters. Respond to their queries in a dedicated post or story, offering words of wisdom and support.
  • Collaborate with your followers to create a Valentine’s Day playlist. Ask them to suggest their favorite romantic songs or tracks that hold special meaning in their relationships. Compile the suggestions into a playlist and share it with your audience.

Remember to use engaging visuals, interactive features, and a mix of media types to make your content dynamic and shareable.

#3 Give Birth to a Romantic Hashtag

Branded hashtags can help you create a brand and reach more people. This Valentine’s Day, think of some unique content ideas and get your followers to spread the word.

Typical hashtags like #ValentinesDay and #LoveDay are effective but they don’t do a very good job of building a brand or identifying your content. For this purpose, we suggest you come up with something unique and related to who you are or what you do.

For example, you can use a hashtag that includes your name or your handle, i.e.: #yournameinlove when you talk about your love story. Similarly, you can encourage your followers to use this hashtag when making a post so that the hashtag gets spread and you easily get to see all relevant posts.

#4 Partner with Relevant Brands

Dunkin Donuts free drinks promo for Valentine's Day | Instagram content ideas

Collaborating with brands that align with the spirit of Valentine’s Day can be a great way to come up with high-quality content and offer something interesting to your followers.

So, this Valentine’s Day look for brands that can help you stand out. There are several collaboration opportunities available on Afluencer. Sign up today for a free account and get access to hundreds of brands looking to partner with influencers.

Here are some great Valentine’s Day content ideas for Influencers and examples of how you can best utilize such partnerships:

Collaborate with brands that offer Valentine’s Day gifts. Create a comprehensive gift guide showcasing a variety of products, from romantic experiences to thoughtful presents. Include a mix of budget-friendly and luxury items to cater to a diverse audience.

You can post reviews, overviews, or generic content to highlight posts. A large number of people go online to look for Valentine’s Day gift ideas, thus such content is usually in demand during Valentine’s Day. So, don’t miss this opportunity.

Love-Inspired Giveaways

Partner with brands for Valentine’s Day giveaways that resonate with your audience. Whether it’s a couples’ spa day, customized gifts, or a romantic getaway, giveaways can generate excitement and increase engagement.

In case you cannot manage a giveaway, we suggest that you look for discount codes that help your followers get Valentine’s Day-related products at a reduced price. US consumers spent a total of $25.9 billion on celebrating Valentine’s Day this year and the figure is expected to increase in 2024. Give people a reason to join you and benefit from this great opportunity.

Recipe for Romance

Collaborate with food and beverage brands to create a special Valentine’s Day recipe or menu. Feature their products in your cooking or dining content, and encourage your followers to try out the romantic recipes at home.

Remember that about 63% of consumers planned to order from a restaurant on Valentine’s Day in 2023 and a similar number of people are expected to order food this year. This means that people will be keeping an eye out for food recommendations.

You can partner with several other types of brands as well. Almost all types of gifts are in demand during the Valentine’s Day season with candy being the most popular option followed by greeting cards and flowers.

People also spend money on home decor items, clothes, and tech gadgets. Furthermore, it is a good time for wellness brands since wellness and self-love products sell like hotcakes during the season.

#5 Give a New Look to Your Profile

This might sound like a drastic step but it could be a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Updating your profile aesthetics not only adds a festive flair but also signals to your audience that you’re embracing the season of love.

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Design or commission custom graphics for your profile picture and cover photo that incorporate Valentine’s Day elements. Use romantic colors, symbols, or even personalized illustrations that resonate with who you are.
  • Create a “Valentine’s Day” highlight on your social media profile and showcase your best love-themed content.
  • Utilize Valentine’s Day-themed stickers and filters in your stories. Platforms like Instagram often release special stickers for holidays. Similarly, Snapchat is known for releasing incredible filters to celebrate Valentine’s Day, so consider experimenting with these to add a playful and festive touch to your daily updates.
  • Create a countdown series in your stories or posts leading up to Valentine’s Day. Use engaging visuals, gifs, or short video clips to build anticipation and excitement among your followers. But, you should deliver if you use a countdown. Since Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th, a 14-day timer can be a good idea.
  • Use only pink and red for a week or so to show your support for love. This will give a new look to your profile and help it stand out.

#6 Hold a Contest

Bouquet of flowers giveaway | Valentines day IG post

Harness the power of social media competitions and giveaways to ignite excitement among your followers, especially during the Valentine’s Day season.

Encourage them to express their love by liking, commenting, and sharing your content. As engagement soars, not only will you elevate your channel’s visibility and reach, but you’ll also provide your followers with a tantalizing glimpse of the offerings in store.

It is common for brands to use this strategy to create a buzz but influencers can also utilize it.

Here are some great Valentine’s Day competition content ideas:

Love Caption Contest

Share a romantic or heartwarming photo and ask followers to come up with the most creative and touching captions. The entry with the best caption wins. You can even go live and recite some hand-picked captions.

Valentine’s Day Selfie Challenge

Encourage followers to share their best Valentine’s Day selfies. Whether they’re solo, with a partner, or even a pet, ask them to use a specific hashtag. The most creative or heartwarming selfie could win a special Valentine’s Day treat. Also, to encourage them, consider posting a selfie first.

All about Love Letters

Ask followers to write short love letters or messages to someone special in their lives. It could be a partner, friend, family member, or even a pet. Encourage them to share these letters with a dedicated hashtag. The most touching letter could win a heartfelt prize. Those who do not have someone special can even write to an imaginary friend or fictional character.

Valentine’s Day Haiku Challenge

Challenge your followers to express their love in the form of haikus. Haikus are short poems with a 5-7-5 syllable structure. Ask them to use a specific hashtag, and the most beautifully crafted haiku wins. We think this strategy works best for influencers who are into poems or literature.

Valentine’s Day Trivia Quiz

Test your followers’ knowledge of Valentine’s Day with a fun trivia quiz. Create a series of questions related to love, romance, and Valentine’s Day history. The follower with the highest score could win a Valentine’s Day-themed gift. But, make sure to keep your quiz interesting and entertaining, otherwise your followers may not show much interest in it.

Virtual Love Scavenger Hunt

Organize a virtual scavenger hunt by posting clues related to love and Valentine’s Day on your social media platforms. Ask followers to solve the clues and submit their answers. This idea can be very effective but it requires creativity and hard work, get ready to burn the midnight oil.

DIY Valentine’s Day Card Contest

Encourage creativity by hosting a DIY Valentine’s Day card contest. Followers can design and share their homemade cards, expressing their creativity and love. Feature the most artistic or heartfelt card and reward the creator.

You will have to offer something in return to get people to take part in your giveaways or contests. This can come from your collection or a collaboration with a brand.

#7 Talk to Others about Love and Relationship

Valentines day gift set by Chasing Nostalgia | Content ideas for influencers

This Valentine’s Day, talk to others about what they think of love and relationships. Your followers get to hear your thoughts all the time, so do something different this year.

Here are some ideas:

Love Polls and Surveys

Create engaging polls and surveys on your social media platforms to gather insights from your followers about love and relationships. Ask questions such as their ideal date night, the most romantic gesture they’ve received, or their thoughts on long-distance relationships. Share the results and start a conversation based on the poll findings.

You can even take a page out of Mr. Beast’s book and give your followers a chance to live the best life by giving what they want, i.e. a nice holiday. You will have to spend money or find suitable partners to make this possible. This Valentine’s Day content idea for Influencers is very effective but it requires proper planning, so start today.

Guest Interviews

Collaborate with other influencers, relationship coaches, or even real couples for guest interviews. Explore different perspectives on love and relationships, share personal experiences, and provide advice.

Make this interesting by talking about issues or topics your followers are interested in. Many influencers are looking for collaborations, so look out for people that others want to know more about and get them onboard.

You can do a podcast or a video interview to reach more people.

Love Language Discussion

Explore the concept of love languages and encourage your followers to discover their own. Share information about the different love languages and how they impact relationships.

Create engaging content that prompts followers to identify their love languages and discuss how this knowledge has influenced their relationships.

A great way to create unique content can be to visit different college campuses, markets, or places and talk to real people. Think of a topic related to love and make fun reels and videos to share with your followers.

A large number of influencers do this on YouTube and Instagram and while this technique requires investment (time and money) it can be quite effective as you might be able to get interesting comments that can help you gain more followers. Many influencers are already using this Valentine’s Day content idea, so waste no time and start working on your next video today.

Anonymous Love Confessions

Create a safe space for your followers to submit anonymous love confessions. Share these confessions in your stories or a dedicated post, allowing your audience to express their feelings without revealing their identities. It adds an element of intrigue and vulnerability to the conversation.

#8 Go Live and Celebrate It With Your Followers

Ali Abdaal live streams for Valentines day

A great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and come up with unique content ideas can be to go live. Almost all major platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, give users the option to stream live and save these streams for later viewing.

Here are a few Valentine’s Day livestream ideas:

  • Organize a virtual panel discussion featuring individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Explore topics like dating, relationship dynamics, and societal expectations. The panel can offer varied perspectives, sparking meaningful conversations among your followers.
  • Host a live Q&A session with relationship experts or psychologists. Your followers can submit questions in advance or during the live session. Discuss topics like communication in relationships, maintaining intimacy, or navigating challenges. This provides valuable insights and also allows your followers to participate actively in the discussion.
  • Highlight your Valentine’s Day covering what you did throughout the day. In the end, you can turn your video into a nicely edited vlog for more people to see.

Make your live session exciting by offering something different throughout the day. Don’t just sit silently, you have to offer interesting content to keep people interested. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Keep content interactive and talk to your followers. Instagram, for example, even gives influencers the option to include followers in the conversation and stream together. You can use this feature to get people interested.
  • Do not forget the importance of post-session engagement. Don’t just disappear after the session. Stay active and take part in post-session discussions. Furthermore, encourage your followers to share their thoughts and takeaways after the session.
  • Going live randomly might not be the best option. We suggest that you spend some time building anticipation by promoting your live session in advance. Share teasers and highlights to generate interest.

What if I am Single for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day might sound like a day for ‘lovers’ or ‘couples’ but do not worry because single men and women can also utilize this day to generate excitement on social media.

Users don’t care what your relationship status is, they only care about your content. If your content is good, you will be able to attract users and keep brands happy.

We have got some exciting Valentine’s Day content ideas for Influencers that are single:

  • Make a fun vlog sharing tips on how to enjoy being single on Valentine’s Day. About 46.4% of adults in the US are single. Reach these people by sharing relationship-free posts. Create content that resonates with your audience and form true connections. Talk about the pros and cons of being single, or even why you choose to be single.
  • You don’t need to be in a relationship to post reviews. Partner with companies and talk about their products. Your posts may be valuable to people looking to buy Valentine’s Day gifts. For example, you can review chocolates or even hotels. People spend heavily on gifts and experiences on Valentine’s Day, thus your content can prove to be highly sought after.
  • Demonstrate how Valentine’s Day is celebrated in your town. Visit different locations like bars and malls. Create content revolving around the different celebrations.
  • Not interested in talking about your personal life? Then create informative Valentine’s Day content talking about its history and facts. Many people have no idea why this day is celebrated or what it means.
  • Change the meaning of Valentine’s Day and show a different form of love. Talk about your pets and dedicate this special day to them. Post pictures with your pets and go do fun activities with them. Similarly, you can even dedicate the day to other loved ones, including your friends.
  • Be a love guru and give relationship advice. This might sound intense but a lot of ‘love gurus’ on the internet are single. However, most have experience of being in love.
  • Get creative this year with Valentine’s Day skits, highlighting the ‘single’ life. Such posts are a rage on TikTok and can do well on other platforms too. Come up with an interesting script and unleash the magic.

Important Thing to Remember: Stay True to Yourself

These were some Valentine’s Day content ideas but don’t just blindly follow these. You must pick an idea that works for you. Here are a few things to remember:

Your Niche

This is the most important factor because you have to keep your niche in mind even if you are making a post about a different topic. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be a love or relationship influencer to cash in on this day. You can be in any niche and still make a post about Valentine’s Day.

Here are some Valentine’s Day content ideas for influencers with examples:

  • What if I am a Makeup Artist: You can post interesting makeup looks. It can be anything from the popular Barbie look to the Kardashian look. Go all out and give your followers the option to try a unique look for Valentine’s.
  • What if I am a Finance Influencer: There is a huge connection between money and Valentine’s Day. People spend thousands on this day, so why not dedicate a post to the financial impacts and why one needs to be careful with spending on this big day? Share money-saving tips and suggest clever ways to celebrate the day of love.
  • What if I am a Travel Influencer: You can talk about the most romantic places to visit. Similarly, you can talk about traveling on a budget and highlight any great deals out there.
  • What if I am a Food Influencer: Food is the first love for most people. You can share some easy-to-try recipes to impress loved ones or even post food reviews showcasing the best restaurants to try on Valentine’s Day.
  • What if I am a Tech Influencer: Highlight some of the best tech gifts or talk about how technology is helping people stay connected. You can review dating apps like Bumble and Tinder, talk about the power of video calls, or simply give people suggestions on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day when they are in a long-distance relationship.

There are several Valentine’s Day content ideas for Influencers to try. Find brands that are looking for partners in these and many other niches by joining Afluencer today. Signing up takes a few minutes and is FREE. You will get immediate access to available collaboration opportunities.

Your Audience

The next thing to remember is your audience. It doesn’t matter how interesting your content is, it will not work well if it doesn’t add value to your readers.

For example, if you are mainly followed by businesspersons then you should come up with a topic that they’d be interested in. A good example can be a post about finding work-life balance on Valentine’s Day. Similarly, you can include relevant gifts in a gift-related post, such as stocks.

Also, make sure to draw the line and do not post very seductive or suggestive content if your audience isn’t used to it or if it doesn’t align with what you typically offer. It could upset people and cause them to cancel you.

Stupid cupid | Alone but happy | Valentines Day cookies

​​We couldn’t end the blog without giving this Valentine’s Day content idea to influencers.

We understand that not everyone likes Valentine’s Day. The good thing is that you do not have to pretend to like it. Be real this year and talk your heart out.

You do not believe in it? Share why. This report highlighted how 86 percent of people do not believe in Valentine’s Day. You can target these individuals by talking about why you do not celebrate this day. Just make sure to be honest and instead of attacking or dissing people who celebrate this day, you only talk about why you do not celebrate it.

Here are some great Valentine’s Day content ideas for influencers who do not believe in Valentine’s Day:

  • Share amusing or unusual love stories that don’t conform to typical romantic narratives. This could include stories about unlikely friendships, unique partnerships, or humorous encounters. You can even list ‘movies’ that promote your anti-Valentine’s Day agenda.
  • Encourage followers to celebrate self-love and self-care rather than focusing on traditional romantic relationships. Share your favorite self-care routines, pampering ideas, or solo adventures. Furthermore, you can post a fun and interesting gift guide for people who do not believe in love.
  • Create a playlist featuring songs that mock traditional love songs or celebrate independence. Share it with your followers and encourage them to add their favorite rebellious tunes. If you’re creative, go ahead and create your song.
  • Create funny skits or parodies that poke fun at common Valentine’s Day clichés or the pressure surrounding the holiday. Humor can be a great way to connect with an audience that shares a similar perspective.
  • Engage your audience by hosting a caption contest for a funny or sarcastic anti-Valentine’s Day image. Encourage followers to share their witty captions, and reward the best ones. You can post popular photos, such as Jack and Rose on Titanic, and ask people to give a twist to it.
  • Host a Q&A session where followers can ask questions about your views on Valentine’s Day. Respond with humor and share anecdotes or personal experiences that reflect your perspective.

Don’t hate on this special day just for the sake of it. Do it only if you truly do not believe it, otherwise your content will end up looking fake. Also, do not shy away from being controversial as such posts often go viral. But, know where to draw the line.

So, spend some time coming up with a good topic and be prepared to rule the world.

Valentine’s Day Content Ideas for Influencers: Conclusion

These were some of the best Valentine’s Day content ideas for Influencers. Remember that more than 52% of consumers plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year with the average consumer planning to spend about $192.80, up from $175.41 last year. There is a huge opportunity for both brands and influencers. Pull up your socks and don’t miss it.

This originally appeared on afluencer and is available here for wider discovery.
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