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What Is A SEO Technical Expert And What Services Do They Provide?

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When running an ecommerce store, it is common to hire an SEO company to help improve the store’s ranking in search engines. However, it may be beneficial to hire a technical SEO expert for technical SEO issues.

These experts can identify the technical problems with the website and come up with solutions. They can help improve the store’s ranking and make it more visible to potential customers.

It would be best if you considered hiring a technical SEO expert. These experts will identify the technical problems present with your website and come up with solutions. But how can they help you, and what are some services they provide? 

Technical SEO is a branch of search engine optimization that focuses on optimizing a website’s technical aspects to improve search engine visibility and rankings. It involves various on-page and off-page optimization techniques, such as URL structure, redirects, error pages, indexing, and more. Technical SEO is essential to any successful SEO strategy, ensuring that search engine crawlers can adequately interpret and index a website’s content.

What does a technical SEO expert do?

Technical SEO is all about fixing the mistakes that you can’t see. It is a subset of SEO and affects your website’s functionality in many ways. Technical SEO experts are often called upon when marketers want certain features or functionality on their sites.

For instance, if marketers want their homepage to be more mobile-friendly but lack experience with mobile design or development, then technical experts will implement this feature for visitors on smartphones and tablets to visit their site more easily.

In which areas do they work?

A technical SEO expert focuses on the back end of your website. These experts will plan and execute a strategy that optimizes your website for search engines, including:

  • Keyword research – identifying the keywords you want to rank for.
  • Content creation – writing and editing content to attract traffic from relevant searches.
  • On-page optimization – improving the structure and design of pages so they’re more attractive to users (and therefore more likely to be clicked on).

Some of the services they provide

Crawl errors

Crawl errors are the bane of any SEO professional’s existence. They happen when search engines can’t find a page on your website, either because it was removed or because it was never created in the first place. 

Broken links 

If you’ve ever tried to navigate around a website only for one link to break and redirect you somewhere else entirely, then this is what broken links do! If someone else adds an external link but forgets to update their own site’s internal navigation system (such as adding an image), then this will cause problems for both websites.

Duplicate content 

It happens when two websites contain precisely the same information, which means they compete against each other instead of helping each other via social signals like Facebook likes or Twitter retweets. Both sites’ owners will suffer if they don’t fix this problem quickly since Google penalizes duplicate content sites with lower rankings than those that do not have this issue in their indexing process.

Duplicate content occurs when multiple pages on your site contain the same or similar information. It is caused by various pages on other sites linking back to yours (such as an article). It might also happen when another page has too much text in one place, causing Googlebot (the search engine robot) to run into this area again and read over all those lines of text to avoid missing anything related!

That’s it! You now know what technical SEO is and why hiring a technical SEO expert for your business is essential. Before hiring an SEO expert, inquire about their services, experience, past projects, and their ability to analyze and address your website’s issues, all key qualities of a good SEO services provider.


An SEO Technical Expert specializes in technical SEO and provides services to clients, such as improving a website’s structure and navigation to make it easier for search engines to find and index. They can also audit a website to identify and address any technical issues preventing it from ranking well. They can set up redirects and error pages, ensure crawlability, improve page speed, and more. Technical experts can also help with keyword research, content optimization, and other SEO services to help a Shopify store appear more often in search results.

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