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What is BFCM and How Small Stores Can Take Advantage of It


BFCM is Black Friday, Cyber Monday, one of the most anticipated sales period for every merchant— online and in-store. Last year, Shopify merchants collectively made over $1.5 billion USD in sales during BFCM. But, if you’re a new or small merchant, you may be wondering the why, what and how of this sale season. That’s why we’ve put together this quick blog to give you the rundown to get started on Black Friday selling immediately.

What is Black Friday, Cyber Monday?

Black Friday, Cyber Monday (BFCM) is the biggest shopping period that starts on the Friday after Thanksgiving until Monday. This year (2019), BFCM is from 29 November to 2 December. This informal event became popular around the 1960s  as a way to mark the start of America’s Christmas shopping season, since people would skip work to hit stores. However, retail stores adopted this tradition in the early 1980s when they started seeing a financial benefit to this annual shopping spree. This holiday was born in the United States but it quickly spread to different parts of the world, especially in countries like the United Kingdom and Australia.

Cyber Monday was introduced later in 2005, at the advent of online shopping as a way to promote eCommerce businesses among Black Friday deal hunters. In present day, online shopping is seeing more success than retail stores, with ecommerce sales figures even surpassing retail purchases.

But, you may be wondering, what is so special about this sale weekend? Let us illustrate it’s popularity. Here’s a store being opened at 4 am for Black Friday:

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Since Black Friday is an annual sale which is highly marketed to be the biggest sale of the season, shoppers are eager to look for the best deals on products from fashion and makeup to furniture and even flat-screen TVs. To add to this, retail and eCommerce stores slash their prices as high as 60% to entice shoppers. These large discounts have even instigated violence among shoppers in stores. 

Now, for the most important part— planning your Black Friday sale. 

Getting Started with Black Friday Planning

Whether you’re a small store or a large enterprise, Black Friday is your opportunity to grab more eyeballs, get new visitors onto your store, increase purchases, bring back customers to shop from you again, and earn more. It is especially helpful for stores who are just starting out as the sale season gives them a boost in sales and helps them increase their customer base

There are 3 core steps to any Black Friday sale:

  1. Decide your discount amount
  2. Promote your store’s discount before and during the sale with smart marketing channels.
  3. Engage with visitors on your store and maximize conversions with a stellar customer support.

Want more details on these steps and maximize your reach during this sale? Pick up our easy-to-follow Black Friday checklist to plan your sale efficiently and set up a successful BFCM sale on your online store. resize

PushOwl for BFCM

Web push notifications are a great way to market your sale immediately and get more visibility for your short-lived sale quickly. By crafting well-written web push notifications about your sale, you can increase traffic to your store and get people who have subscribed to your store to come back and make a purchase from you.

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Here are 2 blogs we have to help you plan your web push notifications for the sale:

Another hack for Black Friday is to use the surge of store visitors to your advantage by optimizing your web push subscription tactics for the sale. Our blog on how to turn your Black Friday visitors into subscribers gives you every tip to increase your subscriber list and ensure you have a larger audience to market to, even after the sale.

Other Resources

Here are some helpful resources based on the problem you want to solve during BFCM:

There’s less than 10 days so we hope you’re rushing to get your Black Friday sale set up on your store!

This article was originally published by our friends at PushOwl.

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