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8 Types of eCommerce Videos You Need to Boost Sales

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Every business owner strives to make the most of a variety of tools in order to rapidly increase store visibility and expand its customer base.

Video marketing is perhaps the most effective tool for this. People adore perceiving information in a visual way. And using video in e-commerce is a path to success.

According to a study by Brightcove, 46% of consumers revealed that they have purchased something due to watching a video.

If you still don’t know what videos to use to grow your e-commerce business, read the information below. We will share 8 creative ways to market your products with videos. Let’s go.


Why does an e-commerce website need a video?


  • A potential buyer will be able to examine the product in detail and make the right decision. The e-commerce platforms with video content will quickly win the trust and loyalty of customers than one that simply uses white-background photos and product descriptions.
  • The buyers watch the video and it takes a certain amount of time. Accordingly, they spend more time on the site, which is taken into account by search algorithms. This means that your site is moving higher at the top of the search results.
  • A helpful video gives you a better chance of selling a product. It is psychologically easier for a customer to buy a product that they have already seen in all angles and details than one that is represented by pics. The client takes the targeted action and increases the conversion of your site.
  • Good video reviews reduce the risk of product returns that happen due to the mismatch of the client’s expectations with the harsh reality. If a person sees all the advantages and disadvantages of a product on a video, they will either buy it or not.
  • The very fact of using video gives you an edge over the competitors. Not everyone is still using this powerful content marketing technique. Therefore, if a person is given a choice – to go to a site with high-quality detailed videos or to a similar site without them – the choice will be obvious in favor of the former. Your website traffic and the number of potential customers will definitely be growing.


What kind of videos can you make for e-commerce marketing?


#1. Video descriptions of goods

Show the product from all angles, describe all the advantages. If you have an online clothing or footwear store, invite a model to show how the product fits a real person.

If these are goods of other kinds, film something like a video story: tell about the design, main characteristics, and if the product has components, make close-up shots and tell about them as well. Please, remember that the key purpose of the video is to answer all the questions and objections of the client and encourage them to buy the product.

You can get some inspiration from videos filmed by producers: just adapt it for your audience.

And one more tip: when post-processing the filmed material in video-making tools, try not to use too many color corrections – if you overdo it, you may trigger customer objections and a stream of product returns.


#2. Video instructions

Such videos are perfect for demonstrating tech tools, electronics, and all kinds of gadgets. Show the product in action: how it works, what it can do, what functions it performs, what life hacks and tricks there are. Don’t miss details: they can be crucial to the buyer. Imagine yourself in buyer’s shoes: what would you be interested to know? 

Another option is a training video to help customers figure out how the product works. For example, a pensioner may find it difficult to master a smartphone or laptop – so help them. You don’t need super complicated tools for this, something like a user-friendly screen recorder or tutorial video maker will do.


#3. Expert reviews

Find someone who is professionally versed in the product – it can be your employee, you, or an industry expert.


#4. Customers’ reviews

For this type of video, you’ll need to contact real buyers or social media influencers. An excellent edgy format is unboxing: a person receives a product and begins to unpack it, commenting along the way. Such clips are widely used with beauty-related products.

This format is great because customers feel that they are involved in the work of the online store, they feel that they are a part of it.


#5. Testing

This video review format is widely used in blogging. Owners of online stores order a product review from a popular blogger and send a free sample for testing. They, in turn, shoot a video and expresses their opinion. Check out the YouTube channels of popular bloggers and learn how this format works. But remember that such reviews should not be too sickly-sweet: the client is not a fool and will immediately feel fake.


#6. Corporate video

Present the employees of the online store, find the most beneficial qualities of each. So your store will not be impersonal – it will acquire its own self.

Moreover, this format will allow buyers to form their opinion about the brand, evaluate your values ​​and rules. This significantly increases brand loyalty and works for the emergence of not just working, but friendly ties.


#7. Situational videos

This is the brand’s reaction to the events taking place in the world. The hackathon has passed – shoot a video, link your products to this event. A new film has come out – go to the premiere with a brand new purchase. Don’t miss the news, connect them with your products, and make videos that evoke emotions as the world’s marketing juggernauts do. Holidays are also a great excuse to shoot a themed video.


#8. Funny clips

Short funny videos in TikTok format or a series of funny videos are a trend. Do you remember that the Internet loves cats and funny sketches? These are indeed the options that work anytime, anywhere. And it doesn’t matter what you sell – turn on your imagination, don’t be afraid to be funny! If the client also shares your video on social media, it will be perfect.

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Final say 

If you are still not sure whether videos will increase conversions on your online store, then make some test clips and evaluate how their use will affect the sales of these products.

So you can also understand what costs and time resources the creation of each video will require and be able to plan further work.

Publish your video wherever you can – on the website itself, in social media, on YouTube – the result will not be long in coming.


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