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Five Types of Packaging Your Ecommerce Business Should Consider

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Since the beginning of e-commerce in 1991, packaging has evolved to meet ever-changing customer needs and expectations. Compared to the traditional retail experience, shopping online changes how products are delivered to customers. 

E-commerce businesses need to prioritize their product packaging to satisfy customers and show off their brand image. While packaging plays a minor role in product selection, it could influence whether or not customers come back for repeat purchases or if they’re likely to recommend the brand to friends and family.

Let’s discuss five types of packaging that e-commerce businesses can consider when looking for new ways to engage their customers. 

The Importance of Proper Packaging Solutions

The way a product is delivered can positively or negatively impact the overall customer experience (CX). 

CX plays a crucial role in a brand’s reputation and relationship with its customer base. Many companies notice CX as a top priority in the coming years, as it can make or break a business. If customers receive products with improper packaging, they may never make purchases from that retailer again.

There are many factors to consider when deciding which packaging process is right for your business. Take Mrs. Renfro’s, for example. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company experienced three times growth in sales and had to find new ways to package their products to accommodate these sales while also finding a way to lower labor costs.

Mrs. Renfro’s is just one example of a company that identified a problem with its current packaging process and found an alternative solution. However, it shows that the packaging of a product must be considered, especially as the holidays approach and e-commerce is expected to grow exponentially.

Aside from the product itself, the boxes or mailers it ships in are the only tangible item connecting you to your customers. 

For this reason, let’s explore five potential packaging solutions that could work for your business without breaking the bank.

Packaging Solutions to Consider

There are plenty of packaging solutions your business can use to ship products. However, some are more cost-friendly than others, and some are more suited to specific products. 

Let’s explore five types of packaging your e-commerce business may benefit from using. 

1. Regular Slotted Corrugated Boxes 

A regular slotted container (RSC) is one of the most commonly used shipping containers by e-commerce businesses. It’s what many customers would expect to receive at their doorstep after ordering your products. These boxes have a wide range of uses, and many industries rely on them.

This style of corrugated boxes is made from a single piece of cardboard called a blank. The blank is then scored and slotted for easy folding. If you ordered these boxes, they’d ship flat to you, and you’d be required to open them up and fasten them using tape or staples. Because they’re so commonly used to ship items, they’re also cost-effective. If you’re looking to incorporate your brand using this packaging, consider using custom shipping tape to add some flair. 

2. Roll End Tuck Top (RETT) Corrugated Boxes

These types of packaging boxes are becoming increasingly popular amongst e-commerce enterprises. Customers tend to be fascinated as soon as the package arrives, as these roll-end tuck-top corrugated boxes create the ultimate opening experience. It’s essentially a tray-styled box with a flap that tucks in the front portion of the tray. 

There are also dust flaps on the side of this box to prevent dust or debris from entering the package and potentially ruining the product. RETT parcels do not require any fasteners like tape or staples, so you won’t need to worry about purchasing those extra shipping supplies. 

3. Poly Bags 

Poly bags can also be referred to as plastic pouches or simply plastic bags. They earned the nickname poly bags because they use some form of plastic to create these bags (commonly polyethylene). They’re flexible, thin and affordable, making them a viable solution for many e-commerce businesses.

Additionally, poly bags can accommodate products of different shapes and sizes, so they should work no matter what products you offer to your customers. 

4. Auto-Locking Bottom Boxes

Another box that can work well for various businesses is auto-locking bottom boxes. They have a folding mechanism, and the flaps of the boxes interlock to create a sturdy base. Using these boxes can help improve your operational efficiency because it only takes a couple of seconds to set up auto-locking bottom boxes. It does not require any tape either, so you won’t need to purchase rolls and rolls of shipping tape to get your products out for delivery.

You can also customize these boxes very easily, so your brand will be front and center when your customers receive their orders and unbox their products. These boxes may be a bit pricier, but because they’re so easy to put together, you’ll offset that cost with increased efficiency.

5. Bubble Mailers

There are many types of mailers to choose from as an e-commerce business, but bubble mailers may be your best packaging solution. They have a more durable exterior compared to poly mailers, with extra bubble wrap cushioning on the interior. This protects products during the shipping process so customers can receive their products without any physical damage. 

Bubble mailers are customizable and are cost-effective, making them a solid choice for retailers, no matter what products they sell. Keep in mind that they’re best for shipping smaller products, like jewelry, accessories and small pieces of technology. Bubble mailers are a flexible yet durable packaging solution that may work well for your business needs.

The choices listed above are all feasible options for e-commerce businesses. It may be wise to consider trying out some of these options to see which will work best for your products. 

Choose the Right Packaging Solution for Your Business

Finding the right packaging solution for your business needs is critical — improper packaging may result in customer dissatisfaction, negatively impacting your sales and brand reputation. 

CX is becoming more important for businesses, and the way your products are delivered is the first step in creating an enjoyable experience for your customers. Consider some of the packaging options above when looking for solutions for your business’ shipping challenges.

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